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Continue the Cheer Year-round

old holiday light sets reusedDo you have a bunch of old, outdoor holiday lights that are languishing in boxes? It’s hard to throw them out, isn’t it? You can give them new life as an outdoor light sculpture. String them along a garden fence to turn them from obsolete to artistic—your own light-infused Jackson Pollock! Use chalk to draw your lines and wrap the strings around screws or nails to create cheerful, linear, garden illumination. Tuck away and secure any sections that won’t light (That’s probably why they were stored away in the first place). Run only a few sets per extension cord to avoid blowing fuses. Creating an outdoor light sculpture gives useless, old strings of light a new purpose. The wires remain untangled, in case you ever decide to use the light sets again, and they are no longer taking up space in closets. When the time comes, and it will, when the final bulb fades to darkness, you can throw the sets away guilt-free, knowing you have used them to their fullest potential. Recycled lights can have one last moment of glory as free-form fence art.  what to do with old holiday lights


What to Do with Old Holiday Lights