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So Many Fun Choices

perfect little vase, floral vasesFlowers are beautiful, all in their own special way. You don’t have to be an expert floral artist to enjoy them. Sometimes all you need is the perfect little vase. This one works well because it is heavy pottery, so the vessel won’t tip over with flowers. It is an antique stoneware-cream color, which goes with everything and makes a nice contrast with the dark, maroon flowers. It also helps with the transition from that color to the soft pink blooms.

It’s easy to start a collection of favorite vases. Visit trash to treasure shops. They carry glazed pottery of all colors made by manufacturers along the clay banks of the Ohio River and other streams in the Midwest from the early nineteen hundreds through the seventies. Prices generally run from 50 cents to 20 dollars, so you won’t cry too many tears if one breaks. They made millions of them and sold them in floral shops and dime stores. They were used to hold floral arrangements or as planters (lined with gravel) to grow house plants. Larger pieces were sold as umbrella stands. Now we get cheap plastic or plain glass vases that cannot be trusted to reliably hold steady under the weight of a bunch of tall flower stems.

There’s a certain nostalgic affection you can develop for these old vases. I like to think about how they might have been used before they graced my tables. They certainly weren’t purely decorative. You will almost always find evidence of prior use—soil or bits of old oasis. They are easily cleaned with tub and tile cleaner. If they are cracked, you can repair them from the inside with silicone caulk. A strategically-placed flower can hide an obvious chip.

Some of the McCoy, Weller, or Roseville pottery pieces are collectors’ items now, so your find might be valuable! You can research eBay or American Art Pottery sites to compare prices. Most are just simply shaped clay fired with a colored glaze, ready to reuse and enjoy. You might discover a new obsession—the pursuit of the perfect little vase.

Sometimes All You Need is the Perfect Little Vase