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Fresher, More Colorful, and Free!

free holiday foliageWhy pay for special holiday foliage to simulate the real thing, when the real thing is in your own back yard? Look around to see if there is potential greenery in your landscape plants. Some species work better than others, but anything you cut needs to be conditioned for a day or two, outdoors, in water, before bringing it inside for decorating. A good way to do this is to fill large lawn bags with water and store cuttings outside overnight. This cleans the foliage and allows the stems to last longer on the mantel or tablescape.

Here are some home-grown favorites that work reliably well:

• Smilax Vine

• Red Cedar

• Nandina

• Pine

• Spruce

• Cypress

• Holly

• Ivy

• Taxus

• Boxwood

• Loropetalum

Holiday Foliage from Your Own Yard