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Halloween decorations, holiday yardsMy neighbor goes over-the-top with his Halloween decorations. He does such a good job, adjacent homeowners get a bit nervous! The all-out, outdoor display includes a large cemetery, Frankenstein, Dracula, Witches, Werewolves, Zombies, and Children of the Corn, all life-size in carefully authentic depiction of horror. People drive from far and wide to slowly cruise past the elaborate, “dead-like” light display, complete with dancing skeletons in the windows and singing pumpkins. My neighbor passes out free candy and collects money for his favorite charity each Oct 31st.

Halloween decorations, holiday yardsWe, on the other hand, go minimalist and hang a flashing sign between two trees with one word—Boo! We’re hoping it lightens the mood after experiencing the haunted gardens around the corner.

Each home landscape is a visual message to all. Home-made creations of holiday displays are fascinating in their uniqueness. Everybody becomes an outdoor decorator during the holidays. When designing front yards the rest of the year, it’s good to think about the message sent by your front yard as well as the plant material used.

Halloween decorations, holiday yards

Halloween Decorations