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sulfer butterfly on pineapple sageAdd Color to Your Life

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference!

Your landscape is installed. All the trees and shrubs are in place. The walkways and furniture are there. Now, for the fun part!  You can stop right now and enjoy your new outdoor space, or punch up the volume and appearance with flowers. Follow these mentoring tips to get the look that matches what you see in the catalogs and magazines.

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Professional results don’t come easily, so make your efforts worthwhile. You’ll end up spending about the same amount of money doing things the right way as you would the wrong way.  Read on to find out which flowers work best in the landscape for professional-level landscape planting plans for public, commercial, industrial, and high-end residential sites.

Let’s get started. Let me know the look you are trying to achieve, and your great ideas for what works best for you.  Here’s a link soon to the soon-to-be published draft version 0.0 of a new Advanced Guide to Flowers, based on years of experience working with the pros and evaluation of thousands of landscape projects.